71ixcRS50WL._SL1000_Incredible India and Government Communication

Government Communication: Cases and Challenges by Karen Sanders & María José Canel

Released June 20, 2013; co-authored with Dr. Holli Semetko

We explore how the Indian government goes about communicating and disseminating information to different communities around the country, and what lessons policymakers around the world can learn from their successes and failures.

Smart Cities: Toward the Surveillance Society? – Springer

Smart Cities as Democratic Ecologies by Daniel Araya

Released November 17, 2015

This chapter weighs the consequences of smart technologies sand their significance for citizens within democratic societies.  With major opportunities for new innovations in urban governance, it considers the implications of collecting personal information used in creating the smart city experience.  As cities become “smarter,” more and more personal data are collected through vast networks of sensors. Is the “smart city” simply the institutionalization of a vast surveillance society?